Short Melodies Project

This is my first video ever. I used an old compact digital camera with regular batteries. Trying to balance the light was a real challenge for me and given that I had no clue about filming obviously gave me a hard time and not the best results. For the record I filmed it in Cairo during my stay there in 2012.    

Homalone Shred video was filmed back in March 2017 in the house that my father was born. This is a 100 years old house (and counting) that provided the perfect scenery. Actually this was the first time I have tried to film a decent video clip. Not easy but it was fun.  

This video was prepared during the last week of October 2017 featuring Elevator song from the Short Melodies project. The whole video was filmed inside an elevator using a Go Pro camera. It was really hot and small place to film inside but fortunately all went well. Many thanks to Elias Salemis (drummer) for his contribution in this video.

Whispers took me more than expected to complete. Around one month additional effort, starting from November 2017 until January 2018. Actually once I first started to film this clip I wanted to throw the computer out of the window. Eventually during Christmas I had the necessary time and peace of mind to complete it.  So here it is....

That was a really hot crazy suit. I did not expect that it would be that difficult to play and film wearing this stuff. Well it was. I almost fell from that piano :-). Anyway that is November 2018 until January 2019. Almost a year since the last one.

No Name Project

One Ugly Band