Some words about my music... 

Over the years, since 1999, I have composed more than 30 songs that I have never published. Eventually my main effort is to record all these melodies again (or remaster them) and share them with anyone interested to listen. This effort is split into two different projects. The "Short Melodies"  and the "Last Century Singles" project. Below I have listed all the songs and ticked ☑ all the songs that are already published. 

The Short Melodies Project

The first project is called the "Short Melodies" project. The main idea behind it is to complete all the unfinished rock tunes I have written over the years. Most of these are less than 3 minutes long.  The total project once completed will include 10 or 12 tracks and will result to an album (fingers crossed). The majority of these tunes is instrumental but still there are some vocals in some of them. Hopefully this project will be finished during 2018. On top of this I intent to accompany each and every track with a video clip. Some of these clips are already published on my YouTube channel. So go and check them out. Please subscribe or leave a comment!!! 

The Last Century Singles Project Vol I & II

The second project is called Last Century Singles. It includes all the songs I have composed over the years including vocals. Mixed genres from rock to hip-hop but still my way.  Currently I do not have a clue from where to start. One by one randomly I will complete them add share them. Hopefully within this lifetime of mine :-).  

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  1. Elevator ☑
  2. Homalone Shred ☑
  3. Undertaker ☑
  4. Talking to myself ☑
  5. Whispers ☑
  6. Delaylama ☑
  7. A.S.D. 
  8. White Devil ☑
  9. Metal Tune IX
  10. Time is endless
  11. Baghdad (Bonus Track) | Lyrics


  1. Again | Lyrics ☑
  2. Carry On | Lyrics
  3. Heart in a bottle | Lyrics ☑
  4. I am sorry | Lyrics ☑
  5. Illusions | Lyrics ☑
  6. Queen of the Roses | Lyrics ☑
  7. The day is coming  | Lyrics ☑
  8. Never worry | Lyrics ☑
  9. Dreamstorming | Lyrics ☑
  10. Moments


  1. Dark Dreams
  2. 8teen | Lyrics 
  3. All we have a story to tell 
  4. Angel | Lyrics 
  5. Ashes in the water 
  6. Bonjour 
  7. Craphole | Lyrics 
  8. Desire | Lyrics 
  9. Fit in the show | Lyrics 
  10. For a Throne | Lyrics 
  11. From the sun to the stars | Lyrics 
  12. Get lost 
  13. Growing Old | Lyrics 
  14. I want a mansion 
  15. Just believe me 
  16. Last Summer 
  17. My Madness | Lyrics 
  18. Precious Young Boy 
  19. There was a time | Lyrics