Some words about my lyrics...

I never liked or enjoyed much to write lyrics for my songs. It is a very difficult and demanding task that has to combine rhythm, sense and melody at the same time. Also my vocabulary back to my 20's was so week that turned into a real nightmare my efforts to balance between these three parameters. Bottom line, some lyrics are good but some really suck from my point of view :-).  In any case during the remastering of my songs I tried to fix whatever could be fixed. Check and download the lyrics from the links below:


8teen / Again /Angel / All we have a story to Tell / Angel / Ashes in the Water / Bonjour / Carry On / CrapholeDesire / Fit in the Show / For a throne / Get Lost / Growing Old / Heart in a Bottle / illusions / I'm Sorry / I want a mansion / Just Believe me / My Madness / The day is Coming / Queen of the Roses / There was a Time