A few words about me

 Well, I was born in Athens, Greece, in the spring of '81. I have studied mathematics in University of Athens and later received a Master's degree in Marketing from Athens University of Economics and Business and an MBA from Hellenic Open University. I am a professional marketer (direct marketing Guru) and a DIY musician (yes I sing in the shower).

Concerning my music background, I am a self-taught guitarist mainly. I have studied guitars for hardly a couple of years, beside an amazing teacher and guitarist, Panos Economakis. Soon after (maybe even before that) I have started writing my own songs. This was back in 2000. 

I tried many times to have a band but it was only after 10 years that I managed to have one. So, during 2010 - 2014 I joined as a founding member, a group called One Ugly Band, a rock cover band based in Athens. I performed as a vocalist and rhythm guitarist. We gave a limited number of live performances. Two, if I remember correct :-). We broke up In early 2015.

Currently I spend most of my free time writing my own music and videos. Cheers and enjoy!!


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